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sitting on her snowball

We are grateful for snowfall and the perfect temperatures for rolling giant snowballs. We are grateful for friends who work together to plan and build snow-people taller than ourselves. We are grateful for sticks that make ideal snow-people arms. We are grateful for shovels to clear the snow from our forts and roads. We are grateful for risk takers who climb and jump like mountain goats.

put your back into it!rolling snowballsfour part snowmanstrategizing how to get the big snowball on top of the bigger snowballsister snowman building teamshoveling outwaiting for a turn to climb upon the highest snowballIMG-8667 (2)IMG-8672 (2)IMG_3528 (2)IMG_3529 (2)IMG_3530 (2)climbing up

We are thankful for the cider, cheese, crackers, carrots, kale, leeks, onions, broccoli, squash, potato, corn, beans, and peppers that were contributed for our Stone Soup celebration. We are thankful for hard workers who are persistent, taking on the challenge of peeling and chopping up all the ingredients. We are thankful for the opportunity to gather together with friends and families to enjoy a meal and some good company.

carrot peelingcutting off the stemchopping broccoliwashing celeryIMG-8659 (2)IMG_3524 (2)IMG_3514 (2)IMG_3511 (2)IMG_3502 (2)IMG_3490 (2)family and friendsgather togetherenjoying stone soup

We give thanks for the families of Sunnybrook, who allow us to spend our days with their most precious people, and are generous and supportive of our community and each other, sharing their resources, time, ideas, knowledge, skills, and observations.

We are in awe of the gratitude that three, four, five, and six year old children express for all that they have – families, trees, leaves, unicorns, maple syrup, friends, school, toys – and for their joy in sharing their gratitude.

hanging her thankful leafI am thankful for maple syruphanging leaves saying what we are thankful forI'm thankful for trees and leaves and grassthankful for cousins and uncles and sisters and mom and dadI'm thankful for my family

sharing his construction vehicles puzzleSouth America continent boxa bear in a treetalent showspace memory with friendssunshineticketsspectators watching the performers at the talent showanimal from different continents

We are grateful for the many languages around the world which make our world rich and diverse. We are grateful for those who share these languages so we can talk with others who communicate in different ways.


It is with gratitude that we begin the Thanksgiving holiday. We are grateful for the families we love, the food on our plates, and the warm homes where we live. We are grateful for the community of Sunnybrook and the experiences we have every day together. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time you spend with friends and family!

walking heel to toeall in a row, heel to toebubbling and boiling stone soupracing to find and put on slipperscheering on friends while they put on their indoor shoes

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