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We have been making the best of the cool, cloudy days, spending as much time outside as possible.  The children have been actively engaged digging, running, pretending, hopping, pedaling, chasing, driving, investigating, kicking, pulling, balancing, climbing, jumping, and exploring.

wormson the stumpall dressed upworkingsleeping timehopping girltruck raceshome sweet homewheelsbalancingshadespullingbusy kidsin the tunnelthe biker gang

Monday students read about the painter Jackson Pollock, who made enormous dribble and splatter paintings in his old barn using house paint.  We did Pollockesque painting outside, dripping and splattering paint on large pieces of paper.  red splatters
pink and purple

The kindergarten students began work on graphing the recycling collected over the past 15 weeks of school.  They will present their findings on the last day during the Performance/Kindergarten graduation.  We are preparing for our field trip to the transfer station next Wednesday, when we will take all the recyclables to drop off.

sorting and counting recyclablesgathering information from the recyclables chartsmaking a line graphgraphingcounting and graphinggluing the background paper to the graphchecking the bar graphcoloring, cutting, & tapingplay dough & magnetsafternoon workhow many decorations on the tree?busy restaurantplay doughalphabet go fishlight to darkknot counting ropesreading his geology book100 boardmorning workgreen spotswork with Susanplay doughblock towerspaintingalphabet bingonumber scrollsaddition & pin punchingprincess puzzleusing the allen wrenchunderneath the streetnumber workmarble sortingnumber writing & addition workRivers Roads and Railsmagnetscutting

The children continued to rehearse and prepare for our performance, singing the songs, painting the trains for the Little Engine That Could, and finalizing the scripts for the two plays.

paintingpreparing for The Little Red Henpainting engines & the red cabooseThe shiny new enginereviewing The Little Engine That Couldspectators observing the Little Engine that Could rehearsal

We celebrated three birthdays this week, a fifth birthday and two fourth birthdays!  Each birthday girl brought a special birthday treat to share.  The five-year old brought white cupcakes with blue sprinkled frosting, one four-year old brought fruit cups, and the other brought pink frosted cupcakes.  All the birthday girls orbited the sun with the globe while we counted out their years.  Happy birthday friends!

birthday girlorbiting the sun 4 times
5 years old

yummy fruit!
blue sprinkle cupcakescupcakes and fruitorbiting the sun four times with mom and sister

We read The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes, and recalled the story from last week, Keeping House, about cleaning up.  We talked about spring cleaning, and what that entails, such as washing windows we were unable to wash all winter, and opening them up to air out the house.  We learned that a long time ago, before vacuums, spring cleaning meant taking out the rugs that had only been swept all winter and beating out the dirt.  The children were very excited to get busy cleaning.  They removed items from the shelves and wiped them down, stacked up books from the book case and dusted it out, scrubbed the walls, chairs, floors, chalk boards, easel, and cubbies. 

scrubbing down the chalk boardcleaning inside the quiet housewiping off paintwashing the shelfscrubbing upcleaning the cubbies

The children attached the front of their bird houses with Mr. Bond, working hard to screw in the four screws to hold it on.

drilling out the entrance



first screw

righty tighty

last screwWe transplanted our bean plants into peat pots to take home. The children added some soil, then we gently placed their seedlings into the pots before patting more soil around them and giving them some water to drink.the bean is growing
transplantingsee my bean
writing his name
adding soil
patting down the soil

We had a special visitor on Thursday.  Nancy Gray came to read several stories to us.  She began with Corduroy by Don Freeman, then Cat in the Hat, Caps for Sale, The Hat, and Cows in Paris.  The children really enjoyed listening to her stories. Thank you, Nancy!

CorduroyCaps for Salestories

Friday students did some bird nest studies.  First we read a couple of stories, Nest and Mama Built a Little Nest, then we watched two videos of birds building nests, first a weaver bird, who weaves stalks of grass together to form a pouch for his mate, then a robin, who collects grasses, mud, etc., pushing it out and smoothing it round with its’ feet.  We then examined a robin’s nest with an egg in it that had fallen in Lyn’s barn and the egg got a crack.  We observed that it was made with grasses, birch bark, string, small sticks, and mud, which helped to stick it to the wall to keep from falling.  We then went out and collected sticks to build our own giant nest.  Finally we played a bird call game.  The children formed pairs or triads and came up with a bird call for their group.  One or two birds were then blindfolded, and the other partner ran to hide on the playground.  The bird that was hiding made their bird call, and the blindfolded partner(s) identified their bird call and slowly walked toward the sound until they located their partner.  It was a bit tricky, but lots of fun!

forming a circleassembling sticksbuilding the nestbirds in the nestwhere are you?listening and following their bird callsfound her bird partnerthe bird on her egg

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