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Sugar Skulls

As always, the playground was busy, busy, busy with lots of running, log rolling, construction, and hanging around.
buildingtaking offconstruction timefollow the leadergoing for a ridehanging outhanging onFor Monday art the children were introduced to the use of lines in art.  We read several stories about lines, then drew our own designs with lines and filled some in. line artGerrie Scott came in to visit and taught us a poem about a turkey, then Tammy came and took the children to the library while the play date was held.
Gobble, Gobble, Gobbleduplos at the librarythe train tablevehiclesriding in the ambulanceThe holiday of Dia de Muertos, which is celebrated in the North American country of Mexico, was introduced.  We read the story Day of the Dead and looked at several pictures of Dia de Muertos celebrations, traditions, and costumes, including sugar skulls, skull face painting, altars with photos and favorite items and food of deceased ancestors & relatives, cemeteries covered with marigolds, performers in native Aztec dress, and paper mache skeletons.  For a project the children drew faces and painted them on white pumpkins, as skull face painting is one of the popular traditions. pictures from Dia de Muertosdrawing decorative skullsreddecorative skullsfacescalaverasblue facecoloring sugar skullsstrawberry pumpkincoloring with CaseyWe spent some time discussing our classroom rules, and the children all had many suggestions to share about how to keep us safe and be respectful in the classroom.

Zeanny introduced colors during Spanish and we continued to practice counting.  She read the story Donde esta la Oveja verde? (Where is the Green Sheep) by Mem Fox.  Everyone got four colored turkeys to label with the color names in Spanish.
spanish color labelsWe celebrated a fifth birthday on Thursday.  We counted as the birthday girl walked the globe around the sun and we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her before she blew out the candle and we enjoyed cupcakes together. Birthday girlwooden word cardsrhyming matchcoloring sugar skullsmorning work timemusical instrumentscubescircle matchcalling the patientletter writingNorth America Puzzle mapletter sound workblueDoctor, DoctorThe Gruffaloreading to herself in the quiet housethe puzzle king at work againlockswritingconstruction zonemastering the 100 boardword reading practicetall towers of treesbuilding a forestthe bellsgeometric solids and the magic disappearing clothstories from the week

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