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Creeping & Crawling

caterpillars crawlingCaterpillars in camouflage were attempting to stay hidden, but sharp eyes were on the lookout all week, searching them out.  Caterpillar houses were constructed so the caterpillars could “hide” when they were not being held or crawling all over arms and shirts.  The pool construction seems to be on hold, but games of tag and baseball were still being played. caterpillarwhere is the june bug?building a wallchillin'sandboxIMG_3782 (2)construction timecatch!where did the caterpillars go?pitching and catchingdigginglined up to head into the playgroundAt the art table everyone had a great time creating colorful patterns and shapes with perler beads.  The children very carefully placed the plastic cylinders onto the shaped bases, then the teachers ironed over the top to melt them together.  It was a very popular activity! perler beadsperler bead shapesIMG_5082IMG_5090 (2)IMG_5093 (2)Most of the children also finished up their books about themselves.  It was a lot of fun chatting with each of them and helping them think through what they wanted to include.

A few more dragons were added to the flock, and they continued to be popular companions while children were working.
dragonsthe dragon ship and some goofy boysSue brought her collection of dragon figures to share, which she displayed for us and brought down to show around the circle so we could get a closer look.  Most are quite fragile, so we were very careful to take good care of them.
Sue's dragonsa tiny rider on the dragonWe continued to practice our songs for our performance and we read some fun stories, including Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like by, Jay Williams, Who Wants a Dragon by, James Mayhew and Underwear by, Mary Elise Monsell.
magnetic dress up dollsis this my pelvis?can you pick up a wash cloth with your feet back against the wall?IMG_5089 (2)holding hands & pullingWe were excited to have a visit from the Fire Truck on Tuesday with Zina and Stephen.  Everyone who wanted to got to go in and check things out.
exploring the fire truckheading home in the fire truckWhile Lyn was out on Thursday, the children had fun with Tammy and Sue.  The group went out early to enjoy the sunshine.  They played “Duck, Duck, Goose” together then everyone got their own bubble wands to make giant bubbles with.
IMG_5095 (2)IMG_5096 (2)IMG_5099 (2)IMG_5100 (2)IMG_5106 (2)dipping the bubble wandcool girlsbubble timea big one!On Friday for science Tammy and the students made and decorated paper kites with brown butcher paper and sticks.  They decorated them with butterflies and added tails with ribbons.  They were very fancy kites indeed! coloring on the kitesdecoratinggluing on the butterfliesadding tails to the kitesdecorating his kiteclayThe Doctor has arrived

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