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Wild Animals

Vacation week is arriving just on time!  Our classroom was bursting with excited energy, so we spent as much time outdoors as possible, including “running” sessions with Sue during morning work time.  Tuesday brought us a late start due to the icy roads, but it also brought the best snow of the winter so far.  We were finally able to build snowmen and make snowballs.  We got out pretty quickly after arriving for the day, and stayed out for a long time to take advantage of the weather.  The colder temps soon arrived, turning our playground into an ice rink, which the children also really enjoyed!  We spent some time in the field out behind the school searching for animal tracks (which were nowhere to be found, as the snow had all been melted into ice), then we pretended to be different animals of the world – some semi-local, such as black bears, snowshoe hares, and lynx, and others from far off lands, including lions, jaguars, cheetahs, and parrots.
a happy snowmanFINALLY! Snowballs!shoveling snowsmashing little pieces of icescooping up the rain and melted snowthe lynx drinkingwild animals grazing (for pretend!)wild animals roaming the grasslandsthe parrots on their way to Puerto Ricowild animals roamingSimon SaysThe Monday students were introduced to the artist David Hockney, who has had a long career creating a variety of art pieces.  He currently creates enormous, colorful, works of art, using multiple canvases, usually depicting trees and natural scenes, which are the works of art that we examined.  Each child decided how many “canvases” they wanted to work with, anywhere from 4 to 10, then created their own giant colorful works of art. David Hockneypainting our colorful, multiple canvas masterpieces10 canvas artWe were happy to have our monthly Monday visit from Gerry Scott. She read us the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear by, Eric Carle, then gave each of us a new, hand-knit pair of slippers. We love them! Thank you Gerry!
Thank you Gerry Scott for the cozy new slippers!writing timeartists at workreading all of the red bookssequencing - how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwichfabric matchinga masterpiece in progressSouth America puzzle mapthe post mistressforming lettersafternoon work timeon the roller coasterpuzzlingpuppies (I think)artistsX & Wmagnets and animalstelling storiespattern blocksthe calming sand gardenmatching wordsbuilding the roadreading "Popcorn" using one-to-one correspondenceCircle times were condensed to allow extra outside time, but we briefly talked about sheering sheep and spinning wool into yarn when we introduced the song “Sarasponda.”  We took out the parachute on Thursday and had fun singing “Ring Around the Rosie,” bouncing yarn balls all around, taking turns running under and back out, and then sitting underneath all together to quietly sing “I Love the Mountains.”bouncing the balls on the parachutebouncing the yarn ballsup goes the parachuteRun under if you are wearing "yellow!"under the parachuteunder the parachuteFriday students began work on New Hampshire animal winter habitats.  Each child decided which animals they wanted to include, then painted their shoe box to match that animal’s winter habitat.  There were some bear caves, some winter woods for deer, and some snowy fields for snowshoe hares.  We will continue work on our dioramas after vacation, and the rest of the class will also have the opportunity to make their own. painting NH animal habitat dioramasbrushing teeth, screwing nuts on the bolts, nesting dollsreading to a friendwriting letters to a friendsculpting animals for the diormassolidifying the teensBooks we read this week: Books we read
Toot & Puddle by, Holly Hobbie

No Moon, No Milk by, Chris Babcock

Gregory the Terrible Eater by, Mitchell Sharmat

From Head to Toe by, Eric Carle

The Lion and the Mouse by, Ian Andrews

Silly Sally by, Audrey Wood

Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type by, Doreen Cronin

New Songs we learned:


I Love the Mountains

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