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Yummy to my Tummy

water under the iceIn order to help the process of using the bathroom and getting dressed to go outside, the class has been divided into three groups which stay together with the same teacher each day.  As we have gotten into the routine, things are moving more quickly and easily, which will hopefully streamline the process and get us outside faster.  This week, despite the cold temperatures, the children were anxious and ready to be out shoveling and sledding and moving their bodies. ice and snowFor Monday art the children took turns drawing with crayons on a warm griddle.  They discovered that they had to draw very, very slowly for the crayons to melt.
crayon on griddleAt the art table during the week the students used mittens to paint.  Some children really enjoyed it, while others stayed far away! (unfortunately we missed getting pictures of this glorious activity).

The new classroom arrangement was quickly mastered and encouraged the children to slow down.  To reinforce this classroom expectation, everyone walked slowly around the room, consciously attending to the way a walking body moves.  We noticed that our arms swing less, our knees stay lower, our steps are closer together, and our hearts beat slower than when running. pirate puzzlemetal inset circleFeed Mecounting knotscylinder blockmagnetic color cube artwriting timecolored cylinders
To begin learning about food and where it comes from, we each shared our favorite foods, everything from strawberries to cake.  The following day we shared where our food comes from.  Where do we get it?  The children listed everything from the garden in the back yard, to restaurants, to grocery stores, to the farmer’s market, to plants and animals.  We will continue to learn all about where food comes from over the next several weeks.

We spent some talking about emotions, particularly anger, and how to handle strong feelings.  We reiterated that it is okay to get angry, everyone gets angry about things, but it is the way we manage that anger that is important.  We talked about what happens to our brains when we get angry – that the reasoning part of our brain stops working when the emotions part takes over, so it is important to walk away and calm down before trying to have a discussion or solve a conflict.  We discussed ways we can be attentive to other people and their feelings, as well, and how to make amends when we have hurt or done something unkind to someone. The children were very engaged and thoughtful and full of ideas and suggestions.
"a" bookplay doughpointing as he readsriding and driving the roller coasterafternoon work timebuilding words with the movable alphabetreading to a friendindoor snowthe farmmagnets at the science tablewritingtrinomial cubegeometric solidsnumber formationafternoon floor workgiving Wooly Willy some haircylindersletter workcool designs with the pattern blocksrug workfolding washclothshammer and nailsplay doughcolor matchingis this magnetic?Tacky the Penguin flannel board storyhammeringsorting the knotsbuilding a pennumber rodscolor cube patternsletter sound workJump Jim Joestory timemitten matchingsnow

Thursday afternoon the children had a lot of fun painting the bear den.  They were covered in paint from head to toe, but they really enjoyed painting then cleaning up the floor and chairs when they were finished. What a mess they made!
painting the bear denmessy painterspainting the ceilingpainting the roofFor Friday science we explored another of five senses – the sense of touch.  We drew attention to all of the properties of an object that we could explore using our sense of touch; temperature, weight, shape, texture, hardness, wetness, sharpness, etc.  Each child used only their hands to explore and describe the properties of an item, then guess what it was based on how it felt.  Everyone used a variety of descriptors and easily identified their objects.
sense of touchFriday floor workfraction familiesletter formation
Stories we read:

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik

Somtimes I’m Bombaloo by Rachel Vail

Understand and Care by Cheri Meiners

Under the Snow by Melissa Stewart

Touching by Rebecca Rissman

Songs we sang:  (see last weeks’ post for additional links)

Boom Chicka Boom

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Four Seasons Every Year

Mr. Sun

Ram Sam Sam

Open Shut Them

Jump Jim Joe

Green Jelly Bean

If You’re Happy and You Know it (Our version)

The Hokey Pokey

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