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Happy Spring!


Mud season has officially arrived!  All of those low spots in the playground did a glorious job of becoming mud holes for the children to wallow in.  We still have a bit of snow left, so all that lovely brown stuff will be with us for a while longer, much to the children’s delight.  They enjoyed sending the toys through the puddles for a “wash” and pouring the dirty water over sleds full of snow.  They also had fun getting their boots stuck and yelling for help to free them.

The Mudwash

Growing Beans

In honor of spring we began growing beans.  The children rolled up some paper towels and placed them in clear plastic cups.  They poured water in the bottom which wicked up the towel, then dropped beans in the side.  We will observe them over the next few weeks to see what happens.  We talked about what plants need in order to grow, and the children agreed that sun, water, dirt, and air were needed.  We began to learn “The Garden Song,” also known as “Inch by Inch.”


Beanbag Toss Letter Game

Stringing Beads

We finished reading the story How Full Is Your Bucket? and the children shared some things that make their buckets full.  We recorded the comments on pieces of paper and dropped them into our own bucket.

We have been doing some brainstorming during circle for a class story project.  So far the children have picked a theme – trashcans.  They have picked the characters – Luigi the trashcan, Trashcan the trashcan, and another trashcan, whose name I can’t remember.  We have narrowed down the setting and will decide on that next week, after which we will begin to write our story!

Yarn Balloon Eggs

At the art table we did a couple of projects this week.  On Tuesday we attempted to make yarn covered balloon eggs, but found that the balloons were much more interesting than the project.  On Wednesday we used up the rest of our ice cube paints.

Ice Cube Painting


Star of the Week

Our star of the week shared her fabulous book about herself, and we enjoyed all of the pictures she drew and the writing she did.  We learned that she prefers to swim in a pool (NOT the ocean), she lives with her mom, dad, and Babushka (grandmother), and she plays the piano.


Scooping Marbles

Pin Punching

Letter Work

We celebrated our fourth birthday of the month on Wednesday.  We did not have the birthday girl walk around the sun, but we enjoyed singing funny birthday songs to her.  Happy Birthday Sue!

Writing on the Chalkboard

Sharing Her Gymnastics Trophy

Counting Pegs

Building Cube Towers

Counting Deditos Song

During Spanish this week we continued to discuss things that are duro (hard) and suave (soft).  We found out that suave can mean both how something feels, and the kind of sound that something makes.

Easter Bunny

On Friday the students enjoyed spending the day with Emily.  They had a visit from the Easter Bunny, made a special Paul Klee Castle and Sun art project, did a special spring reading activity, built another obstacle course, and had fun getting wet and muddy outside.  Thank you so much to Emily for a great Friday!

Spring Reading Activity

Paul Klee Castle and Sun Art

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