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Taking Turns on the Hill

The mini sledding hill that the Friday students created last week was a big hit during recess time.  The children patiently waited in line for a turn down the icy slopes.

We began learning about the Iditarod and sled dogs this week.  The Iditarod begins on Saturday, March 2nd, and we will be tracking the racers when we return to school on the 5th.  We read Kiana’s Iditarod by Shannon Cartwright and Dogteam by Gary Paulsen.

In conjunction with following the sledding teams, we are also tracking our reading at home.  The children write the titles of the books that they read on a picture of a sled dog, and it is posted on the wall, where it will help pull the sled.


Picture Name Reading


Star of the Week

Our star of the week read his book about himself.  We learned that his favorite colors are red and blue, his favorite game is “Where’s My Perry,” and his Pop’s makes him popcorn.

Sand Play

The children played with wet sand in the sensory table.  They built castles and big walls to see how high they could go before falling down.

Map Making

Snack Time

Constructive Triangles

Block structures

Ice Paint

At the art table children worked on book writing.  Wednesday afternoon students used ice cube paints to paint with, and on Thursday afternoon they made paper mache’ bowls.

Tracing Maps


Being loros (parrots)

During Spanish we continued to learn about animals.  We read a book about farm animals, and pretended to be rainforest animals moving around the rainforest.

This was the last week with our friend, William.  Best of luck to you and your family!  We will miss you!

After vacation we will continue to learn about the Iditarod, sled dogs, and the culture and climate in Alaska. We are hoping to have a visit from some real sled dogs!  We will also continue to learn about the library.  March is the birth month of Dr. Seuss, so we will have a visit from The Cat in the Hat from Believe in Books, and we will read lots of Dr. Seuss stories and learn a bit about his life.

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