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What a wonderfully white winter week we had!  The children had a glorious time outside shoveling, pulling each other on sleds, sliding around on the ice, and examining rabbit tracks crossing the playground.

Marble Painting

The students made some beautiful marble paintings at the art table.  First they chose a box, then placed a paper in the bottom, then scooped paint covered marbles onto the paper, and finally rolled them all around to make tracks across the paper.  They look fabulous on our wall!


Cutting Playdough

Reading Cards

Star of the Week

Our star of the week enjoyed sharing her book about herself.  We learned that she loves to draw, sing, and snuggle.  We found out that she has a big sister and a little brother.  We also learned that she goes to church and school in the same building.  Everyone loved listening to her favorite story, Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor!

For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction

Handwriting practice


Parachute Play

The students pulled out the scarves on Tuesday afternoon and did some scarf dancing, then found the parachute, so we played some parachute games.  They had a great time pulling it over us to make a tent, running underneath to switch places when their names were called, and bouncing a ball around on top of it.

Learning to Braid

Examining Animal Tracks in the Snow

On Thursday morning we visited the library for story hour, and listened to some books about snow.  We were introduced to Leah and Colby from the Appalachian Mountain Club and they led us outside where we learned about squirrels, how to identify their tracks, where they live, and what they eat.  We played some fun games together.  We took turns pretending to be trees and squirrels.  We searched all over looking for tracks and figuring out what made them.  It was a lot of fun!

Chinese Lanterns

Thursday afternoon students made Chinese lanterns with Tammy in honor of Chinese New Year.

During Spanish we talked about the rain forest and learned some names of rainforest animals, such as jaguar, rana (frog), tortuga (turtle), iguana, and cocodrilo (crocodile).  Zeanny read El Mono Paparazzi about a monkey who takes pictures of all the rainforest animals, then we danced to the song “Los Monos,” (The Silly Monkeys).



The Friday students enjoyed the story that Gerrie Scott read about a polar bear cub who comes out of his den at night and sees the sleeping animals and shooting stars, Polar Bear Night.  They really enjoyed getting outside and playing in the snow.  They built a great fort with the sleds, and attempted to shovel all of the new snow off of the playground.  They were very busy in the afternoon writing and performing puppet shows, so they decided not to do science this week.

The Sled Fort

Friday Writing

Puppet Show

Next week we will be preparing for and celebrating Valentine’s Day.  All children are welcome to bring in Valentines for their classmates on Thursday.

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