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Tis the Season . . .

Taking turns in the “Big Hole”

The festivities are underway!  Everyone is full of holiday excitement and our classroom has been humming all week.

The children have been digging out all of the buried sand toys, and seeing how far down they can go.  They have created a rather impressive hole in the sandbox!

On Tuesday the students were very engaged in the Sensorial, Mathematics, and Language areas.  Sadly I forgot my camera at home and missed documenting some great work!



Making Maracas

The art table this week was very busy.  We worked on holiday gifts for our families.  We made sombreros to wear and maracas to shake for our Winter Presentation.  Some of those sombreros and maracas have been decorated with lots of pom-poms, ribbons, tissue paper, and sparkly sequins.  Quite festive!  On Thursday afternoon the students made some gorgeous art by blowing drops of food coloring with straws, and on Friday the students decided to make a large paper maché snowman.

Starting to decorate the maraca


Starting to make the sombreros

Gerry came on Tuesday to help us practice our songs.  The children are really getting good at remembering the words, and we have some great performers that are ready to wow you on Friday!


Classification Cards

Just Completed the Trinomial Cube!

Building Block Patterns

Picture Counting Board

The children continued to be busy writing letters again this week, copying down addresses and names, and mailing cards and pictures to each other.   They love putting their mail in the big blue mailbox then taking it out, sorting it, and delivering it.

Pattern Blocks and Long Chains

Table Setting

Hundred Board

Map of North America

Cylinder Block

Blowing Feathers

On Thursday morning Sue brought straws and feathers, and the children had a fabulous time blowing them around the classroom.  They experimented with sticking the feathers in the end of the straw then puffing them out.  They tried blowing one feather at a time, then blowing out a whole bunch, then seeing how many were too many to get out.  They tried catching the feathers as they floated back down, which was a lot trickier than one might think!


Reading about Costa Rica

During Spanish this week Zeanny began to teach us about Costa Rica, where she was born.  She told us that the Pacific Ocean borders one side, and the Atlantic is on the other.  We learned that there are dry, desert type areas, and rainforests with brightly colored, poisonous frogs.   They have lots of fruit trees, and monkeys who love to feast on them. We have continued to learn the Spanish names for colors and shapes.  We have also been practicing and dancing to “Feliz Navidad,” while very enthusiastically shaking  our maracas.



Hot Water Volcano

Friday students quickly got down to business selecting a science experiment.  They chose to do a hot water volcano.  First we filled a glass pitcher with cold water, then a small bottle with hot water, which we tinted green.  We carefully lowered the hot water into the cold water, and the hot water immediately “exploded” out and settled on top of the cold water.  We learned that hot water expands, which makes it lighter and it floats on top of the denser cold water.  We had fun pretending to be cold water and huddling all together, then warming up and spreading out.  Then the children wanted to know what would happen if we put a jar of cold water in hot water, so we tried that.  As we guessed, nothing happened until later in the day when the water all turned the same temperature and combined together.


Happy Birthday!

Scrubbing the floor after paper mache

We have a busy week coming up!  We have two birthdays to celebrate.  There is still lots to do in preparation for Friday’s Winter Performance.  We hope to see all of you there – 5PM upstairs in the chapel area.  Thursday will be Pajama, Pizza, and Play day.

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