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Harvest Time

Removing popcorn kernels from the cob

What an industrious, lively week we had!  School was busy with harvest time activities.  On Tuesday we husked popcorn and removed the kernels.  We baked a pumpkin, which we used to make pumpkin bread on Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday morning we popped our popcorn, and just could not wait until the festival to eat it!


getting the pumpkin ready for baking

making the pumpkin bread

catching popcorn as it pops

star of the week reading

Our star of the week very enthusiastically read us his favorite story, The Monster at the End of This Book.  Everyone really enjoyed it!  He showed us his UConn Huskies football jersey, and shared the book that he made about himself.  We learned about his family, his enjoyment of bike riding, his favorite TV show, Caillou, and of course the UConn Huskies!




At the art table we worked on beading, an excellent fine motor activity.  Many children worked hard to create bracelets and necklaces for themselves, friends, and family members.

At the science table the children explored the concept of sink and float.


sink and float

On Thursday, everyone was excited for the harvest festival.  We enjoyed sack races, a beanbag toss, apple and corncob printing, and decorating apple, pumpkin, and leaf cutouts with beans and lentils.  All of the fun and yummy snacks were much enjoyed.  Thank you to everyone who donated items, contributed snacks, and volunteered time.


the sack race

apple and corn cob prints

beanbag toss

harvest art

yummy yummy snacks!

Some of the stories we read this week are Too Many Pumpkins, The Garden that We Grew, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and Inside a House That is Haunted.


This week Zeanny focused on El Salvador.  On Thursday morning we made pupusas, a type of tortilla made with corn flour, water, cheese, refried beans, and salt.  They were delicioso!

making pupusas


water xylophone

Friday students chose to make a water xylophone for science by filling glasses to different levels with water, then tapping them to hear the different tones each made.  During music we played different instruments.  The students began writing a short skit about sledding that they will perform at the Winter Performance in December.  It was a most gorgeous day, so we spent our afternoon outside.  The children hauled sticks into the playground and built a great fort.  They did some writing, drawing, and painting of sticks.  Several students also made maps of the playground.  It was a glorious day!


building a fort of sticks

bringing our work outside

painting sticks

Next week we will be focusing on respect and how to respectfully listen to our friends.  On Wednesday we will be visited by Magda Randall of the Polish Princess Bakery, who will bring some wheat for us to grind and examine.  The sign up sheet for parent teacher conferences, which will be held on Friday, November 9, is posted on the hallway bulletin board as you enter.

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