Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

November 15th-17th

This week we enjoyed reading Stone Soup by Marilyn Sapienza and Hans Wilhelm, which features two pigs and the poem we are working on memorizing. We also read  Nail Soup where a traveler makes soup from a single nail. We have been having a good time reading the different versions of all the Stone Soup stories, noting the differences and similarities and talking about working together. The children are getting excited to make Stone Soup together!

On Tuesday we painted our pots and the older children played a sight word game (which many of the younger children enjoyed watching). They rolled two big dice and took turns reading and writing the sight words that came up. Thanks to Lyn for creating and facilitating such a great activity.

We’ve been working on different color patterns with our pattern blocks and counting bears. The children enjoy recognizing and creating different sequences. We are also busy practicing the names of shapes in English and Spanish. Many of the children made beautiful shape collages.

The students are really engaged in learning about the planets, sun and moon. On Tuesday afternoon we read about the moon and astronauts and made our own rocket ships! The children had a great time making them and even more fun “blasting off” outside. On Thursday afternoon our students worked on a project to learn the names of the planets and that the planets orbit the sun. The planets were pasted on black paper next to a paper sun. The sun was held in place with a fastener and when all the planets were in place the children were able to move their planets around the sun.

A big thank you to all the parents for meeting with me during conferences on Friday. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any concerns/questions. We will hold a follow up conferences in the Spring.

Stone Soup: Please bring in a vegetable on Tuesday, November 22nd that your child can prepare for Stone Soup. Stone Soup day will be Wednesday, November 23rd. Your child will only need to pack a snack that day. School closes at noon.

Food Bank: Sunnybrook is collecting food for the NH food bank! Please bring in your non-perishable donations.

No school Thursday and Friday this week. Happy Thanksgiving!


“Only practical work and experience lead the child to maturity.”

~Maria Montessori

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