Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Week of September 12th

The children are beginning to learn the routine and we are working very hard practicing returning our materials to the shelves, walking around our friend’s work and speaking softly.

This week we learned a little bit more about one another. Some of our students shared items that they brought in and told us why they were special to them. The children really enjoyed a song at music that helped us learn the names of our classmates, and at circle we practiced greeting one another.

At circle we read, Our Apple Tree, The Greedy Triangle and The Peace Book. We used the geometry cabinet and learned the names of triangle, square and rectangle and looked for those shapes in our classroom. We also talked about curved and straight lines and some students made straight line collages. On Thursday all the students enjoyed making apple stamping art and moving to music with our movement scarves.

We will begin to talk about our families at school. Please send in pictures of family members for a project that we will be doing the week of September 26th. Please send pictures that you don’t mind having cut/glued.

Our Friday students had a great day playing phonetic sound bingo, going on a phonetic sound scavenger hunt, playing at the Colonel Town playground and working on their reading, handwriting and math exercises. Our Friday students will be learning about New Hampshire wildlife. If anyone has any items that will help us with our study please send them in!

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