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Dancing to an Irish Jig

Our thanks to Lyn Schmucker for repairing the easel…Thank you Lyn.

It has been a very busy week working on lots of materials. We have been working a lot on language skills. Some of the children have been drawing and making books about their favorite stories.

Tammy has been conducting some great science experiments. By using baking soda, water and string we are watching for the growth of stalagmites and stalactites. We are recording the development of the experiment on a daily basis. Another experiment was freezing water and freezing water with sugar added. The experiment was in connection with sap in the maple tree.

Some of the books that we have been reading this week are “Toestomper and the Caterpillars” by Shaileen Collecott, “Sugarbush Spring” by Marsha Wilson Chall, “There’s an Alligator Under My Bed” by Mercer Mayer, “Coyote Walks on Two Legs” about Navajo myths and legends by Gerald Hausman and Floyd Cooper and “Daniel O’Rourke” by Gerald McDermott.

Songs we have sung are Looby Loo, She’ll be Comin Round the Mountain, Eye Winker, Little Arabella Miller and the daily request for The Allee – Allee – O …great favorite.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this week we have had fiddle music of jigs and reels with the children dancing to the music. We listened to James Calway, the Irish flautist playing the most amazing music. The children made a “Shamrock Person” and Brigette brought in a green treat to share with everyone. Thanks Brigette.

Last, but not least, please continue to dress the children in snow pants, boots, etc. Mud season is upon us and it looks like it will continue for many, many weeks.

I am so enjoying working with your children. They are full of energy and enthusiasm for learning. What a joy it is to work with them.

Gerry Tobin

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