Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Snowy Fun in the Sun

This is my first week back after a number of years. Let me say it is a pleasure to work with Tammy and Brigette. They are so caring and helpful. I am so enjoying your children.

This week we spent some time going over the basic rules of the class; how to carry a rug, how to walk, how to talk softly and how to say excuse me without bumping another person.

Tammy did a great unit on the solar system. We have been worked on singing, movement and differentiating between a minor and a major scale. We are working on matching pitches with the bells and identifying, at the moment, two composers, namely Bach and Beethoven.

We worked with many of the basic materials from the sensory area. We had a couple of beautiful sunny afternoons and the children really enjoyed the sun and snow. It was a great week. Please enjoy your vacation week and if you are traveling in different areas it would be great if your child could keep a little journal with drawings.

One request; if you know anyone who plays an instrument and has time to visit school we would truly appreciate it.

Thank you,


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