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Winter arrives

This week we continued reading snow and winter books. We enjoyed, “Snow”, “Winter is the Warmest Season”, “Snow Sounds” and Eric Carle’s “Dream Snow.” Besides reading about it, the children also had a great time playing outside in the snow! Much fun was had on the sleds. We also created beautiful snowflake art using black paper, white paint and a doily:

On Wednesday, the children made holiday cards for the residents of Country Village Nursing Home. We reproduced them on a color copier and will send them over this week for the residents to enjoy.

We are working on using kind words with others and thinking about how we can make other people feel good by the things we say and do. We read, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” which is a great book that visually conveys the message of love and kindness for young childrren. The story says that everybody has an invisible bucket that needs to be filled up, but we need other people to fill our buckets by saying and doing kind things. When our bucket is full, we feel happy. You can also be a bucket dipper, if you use unkind words or actions and that makes others feel sad.

After we read the story we decorated our own paper buckets and thought of how we could be bucket fillers. The children were asked to finish the sentence, “I am a bucket filler when….” The responses were really sweet and thoughtful.

Our Friday students have begun to paint their dragons

Experimenting with hand bells

Math fun

An extension using the Cylinders and Brown Stairs


Thursday, December 16th is pajama day!

Friday, December 17th Winter Celebration Event
Lancaster Congregational Church @ 5 pm (please have children arrive between 4:30-4:45)

No School: December 21st-January 3rd
Happy Holidays!

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