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This week we read two of our Stone Soup stories and began to memorize a rhyme from one of our Stone Soup books. We practice at circle and we hope to have it memorized by Stone Soup day:

“Heat some water in a pot,
Add a stone you’ve scrubbed a lot.
Sprinkle pepper, salt and herbs,

Let it boil undisturbed.

Stir in milk to make it sweet.

Add potatoes for a treat.
Toss in carrots, onions too,
Let it bubble, let it brew.

Taste the soup and when it’s done,
Share Stone Soup with everyone!”

To help us remember the story of Stone Soup we made story bracelets. The children were given a pipe cleaner and four green beads, two red beads, one yellow bead and three clear beads. The first three green beads represent the three soldiers, the first red bead represents the village/community that they arrived in, the yellow bead represents the idea to make Stone Soup and the pot, the three clear beads are the three Stones they put in, the other green bead represented the other ingredients of the soup and the last bead represented the change in the villagers and the idea of sharing and community. The hope was that the children could use their bracelets to retell the story to a friends or family member.

On Thursday the firemen visited the library and we were able to attend. The children enjoyed watching a demonstration of how a firemen dresses for a fire and were able to see (and climb in!) the fire truck. They also listened to a story about fire safety.

Thanks to the help of our students the Sunnybrook Giving Tree is up!

It has a list of volunteer opportunities for the month of November. I invite you to check it out at the beginning of each month to see if there is anything you would be available to help with. I will also list these needs in the newsletter.

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