Sunnybrook Montessori School

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Three more days of school! Can you believe it?

The students have been very creative the past few weeks drawing, painting and making their own little booklets. This week we made props to go along with our spring pantomime that they hope to perform for families at the picnic on Thursday. The pantomime is a great movement excercise that also ties in with all the exciting things we observe in the spring: seeds sprouting, breezes, warm sunshine, gentle rain and of course butterflies.

Speaking of butterflies… we really enjoyed watching our fat caterpillars form a chrysalis and then hatch to become Painted Lady butterflies. There was much excitement when they finally hatched from their chrysalis and we were able to release them.

We are perfecting our folk dances and have finished making some beautiful posters to go along with them:

With the weather being so nice we’ve been trying to do some lessons outside. On Friday the students learned about the parts of the tree and made tree puppets out of brown bags. We then used our puppets to sing “The Green Grass Grows All Around.” We also determined how many friends we needed to complete a circle around the tree.

Other pictures from the week:

School picnic is Thursday, June 10th at noon. See you then!

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