Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

We had a great week singing, practicing some new folk dances and learning more about food. On Tuesday we enjoyed a story called, “Stone Pizza” which was similar to Stone Soup, except it features a coyote and other desert animals. We had a discussion about the differences and similarities in the Stone Soup story and the Stone Pizza story. We thought about our favorite pizza toppings and created our own paper plate pizzas. After vacation we ask that everyone bring in their favorite non-meat pizza topping, so we can work together and make our own Stone Pizza. It will be an fun (and yummy) way to end our food unit.

During circle on Thursday we made our own food pyramid out of cardboard boxes. We then took turns sorting pictures of food into the pyramid. Some of our friends then enjoyed making a food collage with the pictures.

As always, we have been busy with our work! Some things we have been working on…

The Stamp Game is used for static (no exchanging or carrying) addition. It is more abstract than using the bead material for addition but the child is still manipulating the material to reinforce the concrete addition process.

The Multiplication Board introduces the child to the concept of multiplication in a hands on way.

Working on fine motor skills by scooping beans.

Geography puzzle work.

Butterfly tracing!

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