Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! What a fun and festive week we had at Sunnybrook! We read some Halloween stories such as, “Los Gatos Black on Halloween” and visited the library for a special pumpkin-themed story hour. On Thursday the children enjoyed a special fall celebration. They painted pumpkins, did some apple stamping, played some games and enjoyed yummy snacks. Many, many thanks to the parents who were able to help set up, facilitate activites, clean up and send in goodies.

We wrapped up our George Washington studies and reviewed all of our facts we learned throughout the month. Our Friday group said goodbye to George Washington by doing some cherry tree math. Three cherries on one tree and two cherries on the other…how many if we put the cherries together? We also changed the “Noble Duke of York” song to “Brave George Washington” and sang about how he marched his men up and down and up again!

New to the shelves this week: Mystery Words! This was quite a hit with our beginning readers. The Mystery Word bowl contains tiny envelopes that correspond with our beginning reader books (also known as the blue, green, purple and red books)
A child places the bowl and the books on a mat and then chooses an envelope. Inside the envelopes are “mystery words”, words from the book a child may not have been introduced to yet. Once the child has mastered all the mystery words they are ready to read the book. Learning the words from the book before actually reading the book ensures success, builds confidence and a love of language within the child.

Fall celebration photos:

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