Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

The First Snow Fall

This week we had our very first snow fall of the season. A lot of students were so excited to play in the snow and make snow balls. There wasn’t quite enough snow to make snow men yet, but it got students thinking about Christmas and how it is right around the corner. Some students even started singing Christmas songs. While they were sad to see all the bikes go in for the winter season, they were excited for all the sledding that they could do.

Ms. Eileen gave a demonstration of some work that was available called nesting boxes. The nesting boxes had pictures on them of space, countries, towns, and then a house. From the biggest box being the milky way, to the solar system, to earth, then the continents, the U.S., the state NH, our town of Lancaster, and then a house to represent home. It shows students how the world around us is much bigger than just our town or just our home. The students remarked how it looked a lot like the pink block tower that we have in the classroom.

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