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The Last Weeks of Warmth

This week was full of energy as we soaked up the last few warm days of the year. The taproot students had their first meeting with Emily. They met at the community gardens in Lancaster and did some end of season gardening. They cut down the dying sunflowers from the summertime and pulled out some of the seeds. They will save these seeds and use them in the spring time to plant new sunflower seed plants.

We had 2 birthdays to celebrate this week. On Wednesday, Zany Zoe turned 4! On Thursday, Wizarding Warren turned 6! We celebrated by counting their trips around the sun and talking about their growth milestones.

On Tuesday, we had our usual sign language class with Rose. She brought in a fun game for all of us to play that involved the ASL alphabet. On colorful paper plates, we made a long caterpillar that had every hand sign for the letters of the alphabet. Then, she read us the book Five Little Pumpkins, which everyone loved signing along to.

With the last week being nice and warm, we took advantage of the weather while it’s still here. Everyone loved raking up all of the fallen leaves on the ground into piles and jumping in them. We also cut some of the flowers that were still living in our garden. They, of course, were used as main ingredients to different recipes in the mud kitchen.

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