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Smashing Pumpkins and Building Blocks

This was another fun week at Sunnybrook with so much going on. We started our week off with sign language with Rose. She taught us a few Halloween themed signs like witch and pumpkin. She read the story 5 Little Pumpkins and had the students all line up to be the 5 little pumpkins and had each of them sign their lines of the book.

Wednesday, the Taproot students went on a hike in the trails behind the cemetery in Lancaster. They had so much fun collecting leaves and trudging through huge puddles. We had a few kiddos who needed a change on their way back, a good reminder to parents to make sure they have a change of clothes in their backpack especially on Taproot days. Overall, it was a very fun way for the students to start the morning.

On Thursday, we took some of the many pumpkins leftover from our harvest and Michelle had the great idea to cut them open to see what’s inside. The students had so much fun scooping out all the pumpkin guts and saving the seeds so that we can dry them out and plant them next spring. We brought the pumpkin halves outside to clean up, and during recess, the students threw the pumpkins around and smashed them on the ground. They loved watching the pumpkin pieces fly.

The mail man had dropped off a bunch of big boxes during recess, and all the children were really curious about what could possibly be inside. Michelle unboxed the mystery boxes in the morning and the children were all so excited to go out to recess to find that inside the mystery boxes were brand new outdoor blocks. The students spent all recess figuring out different things to create. From race cars, to houses, to ramps to send whiffle balls down, the blocks were a hit!

We also had our family night on Thursday where we invited families to come and explore the classroom. The students that came led their families through the classroom to show them their favorite parts and some even had their families get involved in some work. It was a great turn out and we are so thankful to everyone who showed up.

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