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Believe in Books and Pumpkin Jack

We had a spooky Halloween sign language class where we learned a bunch of Halloween signs like ghost, pumpkin, witch, black cat, candy, and more. We also sang 5 little pumpkins, but this time, without the book to help us. We taught Rose the song about the Alligator and the Monkey in the tree, and she taught us how to sign along with the song.

The Taproot kids explored some new trails on Wednesday. They also spent some time looking for the animal tracks. The mud in the woods was perfect for preserving the animal tracks. The mud was also perfect for trampling through, which many students did.

Believe in Books came to visit on Wednesday. They read the story It Came in the Mail by Ben Clanton. All the children loved the way that they read it and laughed at all the strange things the boy in the story got in the mail. At the end, they all got to pick out their own book to take home, as well as a spooky Halloween book mark.

This week, we celebrated 2 birthdays. We celebrated Vincent’s birthday on Tuesday with a look at some pictures through his life. Sawyer is turning 5 as well and we celebrated by eating some delicious spiders.

We recently read the book Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell. The book follows a jack-o-lantern named Jack as he weathers the seasons and decomposes back into the Earth. With the few in-tact pumpkins we had left, we carved our very own Pumpkin Jack and he will be sitting in the cement planter next to the gate so we can watch him decompose all year.

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