Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

Pumpkins and Apple Cider

This week was a very exciting week for the Sunnybrook students. We began the week harvesting some of the pumpkins that were growing in our garden. The students then washed all the dirt off the pumpkins in the water table. We took markers and made art on our pumpkins to decorate them. We also cut some of the beautiful flowers that grew out front and decided that they would be a perfect ingredient to make soup with in the mud kitchen. We had our second sign language class with Rose, which everyone looked forward to.

On Thursday we had a special guest. Chef Garrik Berry came in to show us how a fruit press works. We pressed apples to make apple cider (which all the children couldn’t get enough of). We had a blast prepping the apples and seeing how a food processor works to chop up the apples into bits.

Ms. Eileen taught everyone a lesson on living vs. non-living things. While showing small objects, she asked the children what things they thought were living and non-living. Among the living were butterflies, flowers, trees, and dogs. Among the non-living were street signs, gems, rocks, bicycles, and cars.

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