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Happy October!

Thank you for contributing your photos to our family tree projects. Construction is well underway and they should be ready to go home next week. The children were very proud to show off their photos and tell us about the special people in their lives.

Wednesday morning was muy especial because we started our Spanish lessons. It was great to see the big smiles on the children’s faces as they learned new Spanish phrases and songs.

We’ve been very busy working on extensions with our sensory materials. We’ve been looking at pictures of suggested extensions and have been able to create our own by following the pictures. Favorites include: the maze with the Red Rods, the sunburst with the Color Tablets, and the fun structures with the Pink Tower and Brown Stairs. The Movable Alphabet, the Number Rods and the puzzles have also been quite popular this week.

We’ve started studying our first “historical person of the month”. October’s historical person will be George Washington. We made a list at circle about all the facts we know about George Washington. Turns out we know quite a bit already! We were able to add some new ones to our list thanks to a story about George Washington and the Revolutionary War and a helpful classmate who brought in a Quarter to share with us. The children were excited to see that George Washington was on the Dollar Bill and the Quarter! I expect our “what we know” list to get much longer as the month goes on.

The Kindergartners and the Friday group had a lesson about nouns and adjectives. We found nouns around the room: blocks, clock, table, glue stick. Then we added in a discussion about adjectives. Our noun was dog and we tried to think of different ways to describe our dog. Some ideas were: fuzzy dog, purple dog, little dog, overweight dog, hot dog 🙂

During Music/Movement we listened to “August’s Rhapsody” and drew pictures about how the music made us feel. It was really amazing to see how the children interpreted this. Some made squiggle shapes (fast and slow depending on what the music was doing), others drew the instruments they heard, others drew music notes, trees, animals, happy and sad faces. It was a great exercise.

Some of our Sunnybrook friends with their work:

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