Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

September 26th

Another busy week at Sunnybrook! We continued our discussion on family and community. The children considered the types of places they see in their community. Some thoughts were: schools, stores, the library, the post office, the fire station and churches. On Thursday we embarked on our first outing to the library! The children enjoyed story time and got a lesson on the proper treatment of books. Then they participated in a special project and got to check out some of the fun activities in the children’s library section.

We continued our science experiments this week by testing objects to see if they were magnetic or not. Our Friday group did a measuring activity where we learned how to measure in inches and that 12 inches=a foot.

Some of the more exciting news of the week-the art easel is back! It must have been greatly missed because the children have been busy creating beautiful art work. I hope the paint stains are washing out of the clothes. The art smocks only do so much…

We checked out some nature sounds at music/movement time and did a little yoga and stretching.

It’s “Take a Child Outside” week! Read more about it here:

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