Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

First week of school!

It has been a busy first week at Sunnybrook. The returning children eased back into their routine and the new students had a great time exploring their new classroom and materials. This week we started our first theme of “Families and Community”. We listened to a Spanish song about ‘la familia’ and talked about our own family members.

Some of the older children have been enjoying an activity called “popcorn words”. They pick a “kernel” (scrunched up paper with word written on it) out of the basket and practice reading and writing the word with a small group. It’s been fun reading and writing but I think the real enjoyment comes from making the popcorn popping noises.

One of our students shared a great book about the moon, planets and stars. We learned some interesting facts and enjoyed dramatizing the solar system. We had the Earth, the Sun and the moon and the other children took turns being far away and nearby planets.

We had a great discussion at circle about how the Earth is made up of dirt, water and air. We had a surprise visitor when we were investigating the dirt cup- a worm! After the children said hello we returned him to his outside home.

We’ve also been busy making many art projects. Come on in and peek at our apple tree! The play yard has been a busy place with our new jump ropes, sand, balls and an imaginary game of “picnic with T-Rex”. Great first week!

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