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Pajama Day

This week was buzzing with excitement for the upcoming Christmas vacation and pajama day.

We got the opportunity to display some of the students artwork at Dr. Shippee’s office in Lancaster. The students worked on their starry night paintings using crayons to draw out the stars, then used liquid watercolor paints to paint their background. They finished off the paintings by sprinkling some coarse salt over the top to make a snowflake-like reaction.

Eileen read the students a book about the winter solstice, also known as the longest night of the year. After she read the book, she illustrated how this happens by rotating a globe around a candle to represent the sun.

Pajama day was so much fun! All the students and teachers showed up in their most comfortable pajamas to have a day filled with hot chocolate and yummy treats. The students were surprised to come in and see some table forts set up around the classroom where the students could climb in. We had so much fun doing music in the morning, followed by watching a movie on the projector like we had a real movie theater set up in our classroom.

We also had a birthday celebration on pajama day where we celebrated one of our students turning 6! She took her 6 trips around the sun very excitedly, prancing the whole way around. She was also so kind to bring in home made muffins that all the children got to enjoy.

The students also had some snow that they could finally play with, which they took full advantage of.

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