Sunnybrook Montessori School

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Classroom Jobs and Responsibilities

On Tuesday, Rose came to teach us some winter sign language. She talked about how since the weather is getting colder, we’ll have to bundle up more. She showed us the sign for snow pants, mittens, hat, jacket, and scarf. The students had so much fun afterwards signing the songs Sally the Camel and the Firetruck Song.

The Taproot students had their last day with Emily on Wednesday. She took the students out into the field where they found an ice covered mud puddle that they enjoyed breaking through and jumping in. Then, they set across the field to walk along the snow machine trail to the suspension bridge that crosses Israel’s river before turning around and heading back to school.

On Thursday we had a birthday celebration. One of our students turned 4 years old and took her time taking her trips walking around the sun. We talked about her plans for her birthday party and sang happy birthday. Afterwards, the students all enjoyed some fruit that was kindly brought in as a birthday treat.

We began having weekly jobs that the students are given. Giving the students jobs gives them the opportunity to be responsible and gives them opportunities to be more independent. We talked about some chores and jobs that students might have at home to help out. Having the students do jobs that take care of the classroom also helps with fostering a healthy classroom community. Taking care of the classroom is something we emphasize all year round.

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