Sunnybrook Montessori School

Montessori preschool & kindergarten in New Hampshire's North Country

The Kindness Jar

This was a wonky week for Sunnybrook school with so many friends being sick. But, we carried on and still had so much fun. Rose was here on Tuesday to do sign language where they played the caterpillar game and read a book while signing along.

The students were excited to discover that there was a puppet theater put up in the classroom. They had so much fun putting on puppet shows and playing different characters in their own made up stories.

The Wednesday Taproot kids used their fox feet, deer ears, and eagle eyes to quietly walk through the woods, listen to the sounds, and notice what was around them. They heard birds singing and saw some big rocks to climb on. Emily pointed out a game trail that animals use to travel through the woods. Just before turning around, the students found a patch in the tall grass that had likely been a sleeping spot for deer.

Eileen introduced the kindness jar on Wednesday. The kindness jar starts off empty, then gets filled up with rocks. Every rock represents an act or moment of kindness that is observed by a teacher. So when teachers see a student doing something kind, it is acknowledged and a rock gets added to the kindness jar. When our jar is full, we will all have a dance party! We also talked about what it means to be kind and what good friends do.

On Thursday, we looked at how things sink and how things float. When something sinks, it goes to the bottom of the water. When something floats, it stays at the top of the water. The students picked objects from a box and hypothesized on whether their objects were going to float or sink. The students then dropped their objects into the water bucket to test their hypothesis. Upon seeing their object float or sink, they determined whether their hypothesis was right or wrong.

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