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Fire Trucks at the Library

I’m sure many parents by now have heard the excited stories from the students about the firetruck and ambulance that visited the library. We were very thankful that Ms. Ronnie at the Weeks Memorial Library invited us to come and meet with some real first responders and talk about what they do to help people who are in danger and put out fires. Ms. Ronnie read us a story and then we all went out to see the truck. The students got to see the inside of the fire trucks and the ambulance. They were all very excited to look at all the equipment and pretend to drive.

Rose came on Tuesday for sign language once again. She taught us more letters in the alphabet and some signs that begin with that letter. She also gave all the students an ABC sign language coloring book. The students have really enjoyed coloring in those.

The students participated in an art project this week where they used eye droppers to drop different colored water on to coffee filters. The students loved watching all of the colors bleed together and look like tie dye.

Thursday afternoon, we noticed that we still had quite a few pumpkins left in our garden. Michelle had the great idea to harvest one to cut open and see what’s inside. The students loved digging their hands into the messy pumpkin guts. They used most of the pumpkin to make delicious soups and pies in the mud kitchen.

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